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In this Privacy Policy you can find a description about how we use your personal information that was collected during your visit and purchase at the website of eeden THE LABEL.

Which personal information do we collect?
As soon as you make a purchase at eeden THE LABEL we collect the following information:
- first name and last name
- adress
- e-mailadress
- phone number
- payment information.


How do we use this information?
We use this information to correctly process your purchase. We need the personal information to make sure the payment will be processed correctly and the purchase will arrive at the address you shared with us.


How long do we save your personal information?
We save your personal information as long as we need the information to provide good service and in case you want to order a new item in the near future. 

Please contact us if you disagree our Privacy Policy.

As soon as you subscribe to our mailing list we collect the following information:
- e-mailadress 
How do we use this information?

We use this to send you e-mail regularly about discounts and new collections that may be interesting for you.

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